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When it comes time to buy a used truck, many of our customers want to know about when the right time is. Some customers are thinking in terms of the seasons. Other customers are thinking in terms of prices. Here are some tips to help you find the right time to buy a used truck:


Some of our customers come to us just before the winter season because they have decided that they need a truck to get them through the winter. Many of these customers also have a smaller vehicle that they use on a daily basis, but need the truck for safety reasons on slippery winter roads.

Trucks are actually excellent vehicles in all seasons – not just in winter seasons. Therefore, we recommend that you look at options that could help your truck to be perfect for year-round use. For example, the tires that you put on the truck could make a big difference. Some tires are made for winter driving while other tires are made for all-season driving.


We work hard to provide the lowest possible rates on our used trucks year-round. However, it is true that we also offer periodic specials on used trucks to make the prices ever lower for some models. Not all used trucks will get special rates even when we have our specials sometimes. Therefore, we encourage you to consider the cost and benefits of waiting to buy your used truck and of buying it now.

Many customers recognize that while the specials are excellent, the comfort and convenience of having a used truck when they need it is more important than waiting. Contact us to talk about current specials that may apply to you or to learn more about financing for your used truck.


Many people purchase their used trucks based primarily on need. For example, if an older car broke, they might truly need to buy a used truck quickly so that they can get to work and home safely. Therefore, consider how much you might need to use a truck in terms of convenience and lifestyle. Waiting to buy a used truck may be more costly than it’s worth.

Also, consider the fact that we offer competitive financing options so that if you do need a used truck now, we can help you afford it comfortably. Contact us today for fast, easy ways to apply and be approved for financing. Stop walking and start driving today!